My documentaries are based on journalism and renown for their visual qualities and high production value. Co-producing with Danish, Nordic, European and American broadcasters I have directed and produced a number of one-off documentaries ranging from various themes like culture, architecture, science, medicine, human interest and current affairs.

Below please find brief introductions and clips from a selection of my documentaries:

The Cloud Mystery

“Our clouds take their orders from the stars,” says the Danish scientist Henrik Svensmark. That’s the amazing and provocative discovery reported here. Most experts thought the idea was crazy. The film records ten years of effort by the small team in Copenhagen that, in the end, solved the mystery of how the Galaxy and the Sun interfere in our everyday weather.

It’s provocative because Dr Svensmark’s revelations challenge the belief of most climate theorists that carbon dioxide has been the main driver of global warming. As a result he has faced never-ending opposition.

Broadcasts: Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, France, Belgium, Australia, Poland, Greece, Italy, Israel, and will be aired April 2nd 2010 on ARTE/ France and Germany(ZDF). World wide broadcasts requests go to distributer:  DRSales. Duration: 52 minutes in English. More information at Available on dvd here.

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Doomsday Called Off

Broadcasted world wide.  Duration: 58:00  Wold wide distribution: Mortensen film

Founded on scientific facts this documentary debunks the eco-myths of global warming. It present a series of unbiased scientists arguing that most of the global warming we have seen during the last century is natural. They also state that if CO 2 is to play a role at all -it will be minuscule and not catastrophic! Their observations show that the present global warming is not unusual, and they raise serious doubt on the science behind the UN-climate panels scenarios of a catastrophic global warming The scientists state that temperatures and sea levels are just not rising as predicted. Broadcasts: Denmark, Belgium, Finland, Canada, Norway, Middle East, Asia.

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A Woman´s Anger

This is a story of civil disobedience seen through the eyes of a 48-year-old mother of two. In the dead of night March 2003, Danish peace activist Ulla Roeder sneaked in to a Royal Air force base in Scotland. Targeting a British Tornado fighter scheduled to leave for the war in Iraq, she smashed the cockpit, wings and nose with a bolt cutter. Over the past five years she has dedicated her life to the struggle against war and the disarmament of the British nuclear submarine fleet in Scotland. More than once she has managed to sneak in to and damage the Trident nuclear submarines . And over the years her actions have made her a frequent visitor in courthouses and prisons in Scotland. Duration 58:00. Broadcasted in the Nordic countries. Distribution: Mortensen film

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Cities for people

Cities should be made for people. But in times with expanding urbanisation on a global scale, the architecture and city planning is not always improving for the benefit of humans. Too many cars, too much noise, no spaces to relax are often the predominant circumstances for the townsman. This mind-blowing story shows how we can improve the qualities of public spaces in cities and urbanisations. The story brings humorous examples of how human behaviour is directly determined by how cities are constructed. We show how architecture and city planning can improve urban climate conditions and expand the summer time for several month. The story is visualised with examples from locations in Reykjavik, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki and Copenhagen. Broadcasted in Denmark, Island, Norway, Sweden, Finland. Duration 58:00 minutes.

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Tapestries for a Queen

– a portrait of Danish sculptor Bjørn Nørgaard

Although provocative as a young artist and famous for slaughtering a horse, the Danish Queen chose Bjørn Nørgaard as the creator of 17 tapestries planned to decorate the walls of the banqueting hall in the Danish Parliament. Today this monumental modern woven cartoon stand as an interpretation of the last 1000 years of Danish history. From the Vikings to the present.

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The Climate Conflict

The enhanced greenhouse effect will lead to a catastrophic global warming the media tells us. But what if the theory is wrong? A Danish scientist, Henrik Svensmark is challenging the greenhouse-theory. His research has lead to the conclusion that the Sun and the clouds are the main drivers of our climate. During the last 100 years the Sun has more than doublet its magnetic field, and our planet has become warmer. Today, recognised scientists agree that the effect of the Sun and the clouds might be even stronger than the emissions of carbon dioxide. Broadcast 2001 in DR-TV, La sept ARTE, VRT, NDR/ARD, RTVE, SVT, NRK, RTP and YLE 1. Distribution: Mortensen Film

Broadcasted world wide.
Duration in 58:00 and 45:00 minutes versions.

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